Thursday 20 December 2012

Arregui's kitchen decorating ideas

Nowadays recycling is a very common task . A recycling bin can help us to maintain the order and aesthetics that we all like to keep in our home, forgetting cumbersome buckets or plastic bags .

And in addition, if these containers can decorate and add a touch of color or fun to our kitchen, there is no excuse to buy one.

Besides the models in stainless steel finishes, which add elegance in any environment, and the ones lacquered  in solid colors (white and grey) we have extended our range of recycling bins with the following funny and colorful finishes:

SPRING recycling bin: It can be spring every day with these green bamboos and cheerful ladybugs fluttering your kitchen .

RAIN recycling bin: A black and white combination watering your kitchen.

GREEN SOUL recycling bin: The lime colour to match the latest trending kitchens.

PINK SOUL recycling bin : And a touch of romance with the color pink. It can help us to see everything through rose coloured glasses

Monday 3 December 2012

Thursday 18 October 2012

Multicoloured bank of mailboxes

When it comes to decorating more and more people choose to brighten up entrance halls inserting a note of colour in the bank of mailboxes. Acid colours combined with neutral colours or multicoloured combinations cheer up entrances.

With Arregui you can configure a bank of mailboxes in a wide range of colours. Here some examples that our clients have recently ordered.

Monday 17 September 2012

Arregui in China’s largest professional and international hardware show

China International Hardware Show (CIHS) is Asia’s top trade fair for the entire hardware and DIY sectors. The show opens at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre on next Wednesday 19th until 21th.

As in the last editions Arregui is taking part in the fair (Booth E2C42) and will exhibit all the latest in mailboxes, security safes and recycling. A new range of easy-to-hide safes will have a special prominence in the booth. Let’s see them in a few days!

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Arregui in the National Hardware Show in Mexico

The Expo Nacional Ferretera is the most important commercial exhibition in Mexico for the hardware and construction industry and many consider it as the Leading Exhibition in the Latin American Market.

The exhibition will take place in Guadalajara during the next 6th ,7th and 8th of September. Arregui will take part in the fair for the first time and will meet up with the best companies and professionals in the hardware sector.

Arregui will exhibit all the latest in mailboxes, security safes and recycling. It is worth mentioning the new range of easy-to-hide safes. Discover them! 

You will find us in Guadalajara Center Pavillion, Hall 10, Stand 2305

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Protect your valuables in the BEACH

BEACH is the new safety deposit box that Arregui introduces specially-made for beach umbrellas rental areas. A safe and simple solution to security in public places used for relaxing and recreation. Beach protects users personal effects against theft.

Suitable for use at beaches, swimming-pools or outdoor terraces which provide umbrellas rental service. It is specially designed to be easily-attached to umbrella’s pole.

When renting the umbrella user has also the option of renting the safe where one can deposit his belongings and enjoy a swim or walk. Not only it avoids possible thefts but it also allows to keep delicate items such as mobile phones or music players free of sand and splashing water.

The safe has a four digit numerical combination lock for which use short instructions are attached.

Enjoy the summer without fearing that your belongings could be stolen!

Friday 22 June 2012

PLUS: extra protection to your valuables

Due to the financial uncertainty that our country is currently facing and the suspicion that the savings are not safe in the bank, more and more people are saving part of of their money at home installing a security safe.

For those who want extra security to ensure their saving Arregui introduces the new PLUS safe.

A safe whose features provide additional safety. With 10 mm-thick solid steel front and 5 mm-thick body is perfect to protect the most valuable assets.

The safe includes a high security lever locking mechanism, being very difficult to sabotage since it is separated by more than 10 mm from the back of the door, and protected against drilling action by a carbonitride steel plate.

Plus safes are dual locking and open by entering a personal user code and the use of a high security double bitted key . User-friendly help messages are displayed on the digital diplay. As a safety measure the safe will allow up to 5 incorrect code entries before becoming blocked for several minutes.
The door is locked by 7 swivel bolts in order to make a cutting attempt difficult from outside. In addition the internal bolt housing averts any adverse attempt at lever action.

The door hinges also offer a significant advantage as they allow a full 120º door opening and maximum use of interior space.

PLUS not only guarantees your security but exhibits a modern aesthetic that allows to be integrated into any spaces and its plane front permitted to be easily hidden, in those cases for example that the safe is built in wall and hide behind a piece of furniture or a painting.

Friday 8 June 2012

One of the most unexpected places to hide your safe.

Those who have already downloaded the new Arregui General Catalogue 2012 will have already discovered and surely have been surprised by the new easy-to-hide safe introduced in this edition: GRID security safe.

Arregui offers a clever alternative to deceive or mislead thieves. A small size security safe to be hidden behind a false ventilation grille. One of the most unexpected places to keep valuables protected. Any corner of our home may be suitable to place it.

The safe is specially designed to be installed built in wall and camouflaged as an air vent. 4 small notches helps to fit the grille in the front of the safe. The grille must be flush against the wall pretending to be bolted to it and avoid suspicion.

The safe is closed by dimple keys and has capacity for storing small valuables: jewelry, passports, credit cards, savings, .....

Friday 25 May 2012

Here it is the new Arregui General Catalogue 2012

Arregui introduces the new Arregui General Catalogue.

The catalogue is presented in DIN-A4 size and products in different colour pictures.

Previously existing family products have been extended with new references (individual mailboxes, security safes and a and a great many others) and new family products have been included: child safety, secret containers, recycling containers, etc.

We invite you to discover them by yourself downloading the virtual catalogue from here!

All the novelties will be presented weekly to keep you well informed.

Wednesday 28 March 2012


Furniture corners, electrical outlets, knives and household cleaning products are some of the major causes of injury to children in the home.

Many of these accidents can be easily prevented by installing appropriate security devices.

Arregui expands its range of security products including a collection of Child Safety products.


Protects the child from sharp cornes and accidents.


Safety door stops prevent fingers being trapped in doors.


Keep children away from electrical sockets and protect them from possible electrical shocks.


The safety lock impedes that cupboards, electrical devices, corner drawers, toilets, etc. can be opened, that way impeding that children get their fingers trapped or can have access to the contents of the same.


The safety closure impedes children from trapping their fingers or obtaining access to the contents of cabinets.


The lock blocks the opening of drawers and keep things away from children.


The lock limits the opening of the window to a position allowing ventilation in a safe way. It impedes children form handling sliding windows or doors and falling form heights. 


The non-slips help to avoid slips and falls during bath time. They are adhesive fixed to the bottom of the bath or shower plate.
Although these devices prevent accidents, children should always be under the supervision of an adult.


Wednesday 15 February 2012

How to Protect Your Valuables from theft

Due to the increase in burglaries in recent times it is necessary to protect our valuables. A security safe can be one of the best alternatives.

When you have to choose a safe, the first thing to consider is where it is going to be located. Camouflage is an essential to avoid easy detection by burglars.

Among the large variety of security safes available in Arregui we will mention those that are easy to hide.

Basa: ideal for hiding in furniture baseboards, wardrobes or as a floor safe under a carpet. Its ideal size means you can store folders and is also suitable for storing small items such as passports, driving license, credit cards, jewellery or even a small cash box.

Intact: A new security safe with a novel format that allows to be hidden in the false bottom of a wardrobe. After placing the shelves and clothes on them, it is impossible to discover where it is installed. Intact safes are perfect for storing A4 documents as well as small valuables.

Active: Ideal for hiding in closets with the same format that Intact safe. Ideal for storing documents and small valuables.

To keep our small valuables properly protected, we can also use secret containers. Although they seem to be household objects, their interiors hide a secret compartment where you can safeguard your money and small valuables.

Book: Disguised as a book , this safe can be placed surrounded by more books on the shelf in the living room and it goes unnoticed. Key lock safe.

Chef: Disguised as in a large can of Italian sauce this safe is ideal for placement in the kitchen pantry among the other food packaging. Also key lock safe.

Finally we propose the Secret Can: Camouflaged as authentic cans of beans, peas or tomato sauce, in its interior we can hide inside some money or small items. The opening and closing of the box is made by screw caps. In the pantry along with the other food packaging the safe can go undetected.