Friday 22 June 2012

PLUS: extra protection to your valuables

Due to the financial uncertainty that our country is currently facing and the suspicion that the savings are not safe in the bank, more and more people are saving part of of their money at home installing a security safe.

For those who want extra security to ensure their saving Arregui introduces the new PLUS safe.

A safe whose features provide additional safety. With 10 mm-thick solid steel front and 5 mm-thick body is perfect to protect the most valuable assets.

The safe includes a high security lever locking mechanism, being very difficult to sabotage since it is separated by more than 10 mm from the back of the door, and protected against drilling action by a carbonitride steel plate.

Plus safes are dual locking and open by entering a personal user code and the use of a high security double bitted key . User-friendly help messages are displayed on the digital diplay. As a safety measure the safe will allow up to 5 incorrect code entries before becoming blocked for several minutes.
The door is locked by 7 swivel bolts in order to make a cutting attempt difficult from outside. In addition the internal bolt housing averts any adverse attempt at lever action.

The door hinges also offer a significant advantage as they allow a full 120º door opening and maximum use of interior space.

PLUS not only guarantees your security but exhibits a modern aesthetic that allows to be integrated into any spaces and its plane front permitted to be easily hidden, in those cases for example that the safe is built in wall and hide behind a piece of furniture or a painting.

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