Monday 31 January 2011

Milenio mailbox, built-in or wall mounted?

Arregui's Milenio mailbox stands out for its linearity and geometry. The minimalist design emphasizes the horizontal and vertical lines. Focused on the essentials and precision-finished, Milenio letter-box radiates the timeless beauty of a sculpture.

Thursday 27 January 2011

New Arregui’s General Catalogue 2011

Here you have Arregui’s General Catalogue 2011 which contains stock articles divided into 5 categories: outdoor individual mailboxes, safes, new decorative home and arrangement items, letter cages and notice boards.

The long-awaited new products are:
  • Safes to be hidden in closets: Basa, Intact and Activa models. 
  • Collections of decorative cash boxes, key cabinets and medicine cabinets: Red Ring or Speech. 
  • Key and document organizers: Quick and Tingo. 
  • Cash boxes that look like books and food containers: Book and Chef. 
  • Safe for vehicles: Carsafe. 
  • New letter-boxes with modern patterns: Premium Spark and Premium Blossom.

Here you can check them out and download the catalogue’s .pdf.

General Catalogue 2011 by Arregui

Thursday 20 January 2011

Arregui’s Kube mailboxes in the best block of flats

The architectural firm Enrique Arruti has designed a subsidized housing development that provides homes for 130 households in El Astillero. The Architects Association of Cantabria (Spain) has chosen this project as the best block of flats at the XIVth edition of Ortega Fernandez-Gonzalez Alloza Awards.

Among the commitments made by both the technical management as well as the construction company, has been building homes of high quality finishes, although the low budget typical of subsidized housing.

Another commitment has been to create common spaces to hold community gatherings comfortably. Common spaces have been reserved inside the building for the coexistence and the comfort of its residents. To encourage their use, they have been placed in strategic locations and they have been given a noble and attractive treatment.

With these premises, DUR distributions has done a magnificent installation of Arregui’s Kube wooden mailboxes. DUR distributions has achieved a seamless integration of mailboxes into the entrance halls, creating a common area full of style and warmth.

Kube mailboxes by Arregui
Kube mailboxes by Arregui
Kube mailboxes by ArreguiKube mailboxes by Arregui

Tuesday 18 January 2011

The Spanish law requires placing one mailbox for Postal Service every mailing address

The Spanish Law 43/2010, released on 30th December, rules the universal postal service, the rights of users and the postal industry.
In its article no. 24, the law sets out the conditions for mail distribution and delivery. According to this article, each mailing address must reserve one mailbox slot for mail return.
For further information, see Law 43/2010.