Friday 24 May 2013

Be different with the new Arregui Plate mailbox!

Among the many new products presented in our new catalogue we would like to highlight the new PLATE mailbox .

A modern steel mailbox printed with an original alphabet soup finished in black and white. An original mailbox which can add personality to your home.

The flatness of the front side and the letterflap which protects and hides the lock are the main features of the new mailbox. The body incorporates a mail retainer and has capacity to receive large envelopes, magazines and catalogs.

Be different!

Friday 10 May 2013

Feel safe at home!

Are you worried about intruders breaking into your home ?Arregui gives you some security solutions to make you feel safe and secure.

Wireless window alarm for doors and windows 

Suitable to prevent intruders entrance through doors and windows.

 A 110dB alarm is activated when the door or the window opens and will keep ringing for some time although the same closes again. 

Ideal to deter the intruder and alert us about the danger.

 Easy to install by the means of auto adhesives. The alarm and the sensor must be placed on the door or the window, as well as their frames, at the same height and at a short distance. Possesses a lock which allows activating or deactivating the alarm operation so it is not necessary to remove the alarm when we do not want to use it.

Blocker: a safety bar to block the doors 

Given the ability of thieves to manipulate the locks on the door, even if they are armored, a locking bar blocked the opening of the door avoiding any intruder breaking into your home. Blocker an anti-scratch clamp to protect the door knob and the base is made of rubber in order to avoid marking the floor and allow its daily use.