Monday 26 May 2014

Make it easier with the Keys Keeper

Increasingly homeowners for holidays use Arregui Keys Keeper to deliver the keys to the tenants.

Thanks to his opening system number combination, no more having to be present at the time of pick up or deliver the key of the house. Just fix the hide-box on a wall, place the key inside the box, close it and facilitate the combination code to the new user, to access it at any time of day or night. Change the code as many times as you want.
Arregui Keeper

Monday 19 May 2014

How to choose a safe

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a safe.

1. Where will you put it?
Wall safes : Requires work to install and make sure that the available housing walls thick enough to accommodate this type of safes. These boxes are easily hidden behind cupboards, tables and occasional furniture and there are even models to hide behind a vent.
Arregui Grid Safe

Desktop safes: Installed attached to a surface by special screws that came with the box. The box usually has holes in the base and in the back to secure it to the floor or wall. The weight of these boxes can be significant and even exceed 100 kg.

Arregui Forma Safe

Easy-to-hide safes: Its special format allows hide in unexpected places such as kitchen plinths , a false bottom or base of a wardrobe.

Arregui Box-In Safe for kitchen plinths

2. What're you going to keep at it? What level of security do you need?

* If you need to have privacy and keep certain items or cash out of the reach of the people around you, safe basic safety may be sufficient.
Arregui Stylo Safe

* If you want to safeguard objects of greater value, you must find a safe equipped with high security features. The higher the value of the assets to be protected, the box must meet higher safety requirements: thick body and large door locking bolts that secure the door in various positions, high security lock , drill-proof , etc .
Arregui Forma C Safe

* If you want to protect important documents or computer media that can be damaged by heat from a fire, you should opt for safe equipped with fireproof walls reinforced with caloric insulation.

Arregui Resist Safe

* If you want to save a weapon, you must choose a gunsmith or a high security safe with specific characteristics, certified for such use.

Arregui Titan Safe

3. Opening system

* Key lock
An opening system applied in basic security safes. Only need to insert and turn the key.
Arregui Class Safe

* Mechanical lock
Requires a numeric password that is entered by turning one or more wheels . It requires a high accuracy for the opening.

Arregui Plana Safe

* Electronic Lock
Requires a password using a keypad. It also has a lock and key for emergency use in case you forget the PIN. To facilitate the opening of the door includes a knob or a motorized opening .

Arregui Forma B Safe

* Double opening system : electronic lock + key

This system ensures a high level of security: its opening requires entering a password over the use of a key.

Arregui Forma C Safe

Thursday 15 May 2014

A safe suited for your kitchen

Choose a strategic place to locate the safe is essential to lengthen the time a thief needs to find the loot. Make it difficult or almost impossible is the aim of Arregui’s camouflaged safes.

A range that has been expanded with the new Box-in safe, adapted to hide behind the kitchen plinth. Its format allows the safe to be suspended under a kitchen cabinet so that it is camouflaged behind the socket that hides the base of the furniture. With key lock opening system, the safe is offered in 2 different sizes adapted to sockets of 10 and 15 cm height. Discover it!