Monday 4 February 2013

Where is the safe? Discover them!

Few days ago we introduced our new easy-to-hide safes exhibitor and we invited you to guess where they were hidden. Let's show where they are!

The exhibitor includes some clues to discover where the safes are hidden.

Remove the shelf and the false bottom ...and discover the safe that is hidden behind.

Lift the lid up .... and discover our Basa safe. Ideal for hiding in the base of wardrobes

Remove the grid ...  Here is a wall safe specially designed to be camouflaged behind false air vent wich is attached to the front of the safe.

Had you guessed?  Do not doubt in asking for one of these security safes to keep your valuables safe.
If you are Arregui's dealer do not hesitate in asking for one exhibitor for your establishment.