Tuesday 10 December 2013

Stylo by Arregui: a new stylish safe.

Giving a touch of color to our current range of safes , we introduce the new Arregui Stylo safe .

A home safe with a modern and attractive aesthetic combining 2 colors: a light blue for the front side , strongly linked to the feeling of peace and serenity ( Ral 5014) , and a dark blue for the body and door, associated with the seriousness and strength ( Ral 5013 ) , decisive qualities for security safes. 


Stylo safe has an electronic opening mechanism with knob and it can be used with 2 access codes. User is free to choose and set access code between 4 and 8 digits. Anti pick lock system prevents external attacks.

Double-bolted lock at 2 different heights ensure door completely secure.

Next to the keyboard and hidden under a plastic cover an emergency lock is available to use in case access code is forgotten or if the batteries run out.

Stylo model is offered in 2 different sizes and is suitable to be installed on a surface. They are prepared to be fastening from the rear and the base.

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Forma C – Arregui’s new certified safe

The new Forma C safe is the result of the evolution of our well-known Forma safe. Designed to be stronger, more reliable and harder to break in.

Equipped with additional security features and a new aesthetic new Form C has been Certified by Sold Secure Silver accreditation (prestigious british organization that tests home security products).

Its special anti drill shield maximizes protection of the contents against external attacks.

With this new serie, consisting of 4 different sizes, Arregui provides a solution to the current demands of safety, maintaining a great value.

Certified safes include security features that allow you to store valuables confidently.

-  Swivel bolts ( in order to make a cutting attempt difficult from the outside)

- Bolts guided by thick solid supports directly welded to the door. 
  Greater resistance and smooth sliding are guaranteed.

- Anti-drill special shielding in door and body.

-  Double opening system using personnel code and high security double-bitted key.

- Two reprogrammable access codes from 1 to 12 digits.

- Emergency opening in case you forget the code with double bitted emergency key. For security does not open directly. It also requires the user key.

- Five incorrect access codes iniciates automatic system block.

-   Insufficient charge warning and external power by 9V battery in case the batteries run out.

- Adjustable opening angle between 90 ° and 110 °, allowing maximum use of interior space.

For more information about our new certified safe, do not hesitate to contact us by emailing to arregui@arregui.es

Thursday 17 October 2013

Maintenance tips for mailboxes

We recommend the following tips to prolong the life of mailboxes.

  • Place mailboxes, as far as possible, in places protected from direct sunlight and from possible adverse weather conditions.
  • Mailbox material must be adapted to the climate of each area. For coastal environments or high humidity areas, Arregui recommends the installation of mailboxes made entirely of aluminium, due to its high resistance to corrosion.
  • Regularly lubricate locks and hinges with a multipurpose lubricant spray. 
  • Clean the mailbox with a dry cloth and a cleaning product with no solvents. Depending on the material Arregui offers different cleaners to maintain mailboxes free of dirt and dust.

LIM001- Polishing cleaner for stainless steel mailboxes
LIM002 -  Polishing cleaner for mailboxes made of lacquered materials.


Thursday 3 October 2013

Safety & Surveillance mirrors by Arregui

Arregui introduces a new security device on its wide range of products: safety and surveillance mirrors.

A convex security mirror is an accessory that placed at strategic points helps to minimize accidents caused by poor visibility. Its reflective surface bulges outward and provides a larger overview of an area, providing more than 160º viewing angle.

Safety mirrors help to eliminate blind spots in driveways, increase visibility in parking and garages or around corners. Facilitate the movement of forklift trucks and industrial vehicles in factories, warehouses or large sales where the continuous traffic of people increases the likelihood of an incident.

Convex mirrors are also a good safety device for monitoring and surveillance purposes. Minimize the risk of robberies in shops, supermarkets. Also useful for controlling hospital corridors, schools, nurseries , sports centers...

Arregui offers 3 different sizes of mirrors made of different materials suitable for use indoors or outdoors. All models feature a ball joint to adjust the mirror to any direction and control any angle.
MIR001 convex mirror is suitable for indoor use and is available in a single measurement with a diameter of 45 cm.
Made of polycarbonate, a transparent material with high resistance to impact, almost unbreakable, has a framework of ABS painted in a striking orange. With excellent optical quality is suitable to solve problems of visibility and surveillance purposes in shops, supermarkets, parkings, etc.. This type of mirror are usually wall mounted but can be also fixed in a support. All mirrors are equipped with mounting hardware & brackets.

MIR002 and MIR003 are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with considerable diameters of 60 and 80 cms respectively.
Made of acrylic, a shatterproof and highly resistant material, have an orange framework of ABS with a sun visor on the top. The optical quality and dimensions of these mirrors make them suitable for road safety at crossroads and dangerous curves, garage exits, or urban spaces of reduced visibility. They can be fixed wall mounted or supported. Mounting hardware & brackets are also included.

Friday 2 August 2013

Our next meeting will be held in the National Hardware Show in Mexico

The Expo Nacional Ferretera is the most important commercial exhibition in Mexico for the hardware and construction industry and many consider it as the leading exhibition in the latin american market.

The exhibition will take place in Guadalajara during the next 29th ,30th and 31th of August. You will find us in Jalisco Pavillion, Stand 497 - Hall 12-13 - Corridor A-B

Thursday 18 July 2013

New Arregui fire safe

Our range of Arregui security safes includes from now on an additional reference of fire safe. The new RESIST safe.

RESIST safe has been designed and tested to withstand high temperatures and protect valuables and documents in case of fire. It has been certified according to the European standard EN15659 LFS 60P fire protection.

The safe construction with heat resistant material ensures resistance to fire. 96 mm-thick door and 51 mm-thick body are manufactured with two inter-welded walls that are filled with fire resistant concrete. The safe maintain an interior temperature below 170º during 60 minutes providing a good protection for documents. Paper decomposes from 177 º.

It features 2 moving locking bolts on the left side of the door and an additional fixed one on the right side keeping the door secure when locked. The safe is opened by entering a personal user code of between 4 and 8 digits then turning a knob clockwise.

RESIST is offered in 2 different sizes.

Both sizes feature a removable tray for documents. The largest size features an additional shelf.

The safes include fixing holes in the base. Due to its heavy weight it is advisable to place it on firm flooring.

Tuesday 2 July 2013

A stool to have all within your reach

Among the new products we've included in the new General Catalogue Arregui 2013 is remarkable the new collection of home stools.

There are many domestic uses that we can assign to a stool. They make easier the cleaning and home storage, help in DIY and gardening tasks and become indispensable to facilitate children to reach the sink or toilet.

If you have difficulty reaching items above your head never stand on a unstable chair. Arregui’s stool provides the security you need with a slip resistant surface, high stability and a resilience of up to 150kg.

They fold flat in one easy movement and can be stored in any corner without taking up space.

Available in 2 colors, gray and blue and 4 different heights stools can even be used as seats. 

They are lightweight and have a handle that allows transporting them comfortably: ideal for campers, fishermen, .... or even to entertain the waiting in queues for entry to museums, concerts, etc..

Thursday 13 June 2013

HABITAT: an improved mailbox for communities.

The HABITAT mailbox is one of the most distinguished community mailboxes pertaining to Arregui’s range.
Outstanding for the security offered by its anti-vandalism design with a strong door, Eurolock approved lock and extra long security ramp in the mailbox entrance, it is one of the most selected models for great magnitude projects. 

Within the search for continuous improvement, we have updated the Habitat mailbox by applying a technical improvement to its hinge system which will allow to group and align the mailboxes in a more efficient way.

As well, we have developed a new optional accessory: a ramp to ease the mail picking-up. Despite this new accessory is not reflected in the new catalogue, it will be available for anyone who requests it.

The HABITAT series is offered within 5 different sizes, some of them being perfect for mail big volumes and the realisation of different mailbox sizes combinations within a same group. 

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Where do you keep your keys when you are surfing?

If you love going along the coast in search of good waves for surfing, surely  more than once you have faced the problem of where to leave your car keys.

From now on, you will have just to be worried about choosing the right wetsuit to be warm while you are practicing your favorite sport.  Arregui's "Keeper Mobile" key locker is the solution to keep your small belongings when you have to leave them unattended.

Keeper Mobile is a box made of strong metal with a combination lock and it has a  padlock to fastening it in a fixed location.


You can keep the car's keys on it and hide it fixing to different locations on your car ( in the handle, in the tow ring ....)  Besides, when it is not in use, it is small enough to keep it in the glove compartment.

Safety, comfort and relief when you are practicing your favorite sport!

Friday 24 May 2013

Be different with the new Arregui Plate mailbox!

Among the many new products presented in our new catalogue we would like to highlight the new PLATE mailbox .

A modern steel mailbox printed with an original alphabet soup finished in black and white. An original mailbox which can add personality to your home.

The flatness of the front side and the letterflap which protects and hides the lock are the main features of the new mailbox. The body incorporates a mail retainer and has capacity to receive large envelopes, magazines and catalogs.

Be different!

Friday 10 May 2013

Feel safe at home!

Are you worried about intruders breaking into your home ?Arregui gives you some security solutions to make you feel safe and secure.

Wireless window alarm for doors and windows 

Suitable to prevent intruders entrance through doors and windows.

 A 110dB alarm is activated when the door or the window opens and will keep ringing for some time although the same closes again. 

Ideal to deter the intruder and alert us about the danger.

 Easy to install by the means of auto adhesives. The alarm and the sensor must be placed on the door or the window, as well as their frames, at the same height and at a short distance. Possesses a lock which allows activating or deactivating the alarm operation so it is not necessary to remove the alarm when we do not want to use it.

Blocker: a safety bar to block the doors 

Given the ability of thieves to manipulate the locks on the door, even if they are armored, a locking bar blocked the opening of the door avoiding any intruder breaking into your home. Blocker an anti-scratch clamp to protect the door knob and the base is made of rubber in order to avoid marking the floor and allow its daily use.


Tuesday 23 April 2013

Arregui in the 113th Canton Fair

Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in China . It has the largest assortment of products, the largest attendance, and the largest number of business deals made at the fair. Like many trade fairs it has several traditions and functions as a comprehensive event of international importance. Since the spring of 1957 the trade fair held in the spring and autumn seasons each year in Canton ( Guangzhou), China.

25000 professional visitors are expected to visit the 113 edition of the Canton Fair. It is divided into three phases: the first phase was celebrated last week (Apr 15 - 19) focusing on Machinery, Electrical and Electronic products, the second phase (Apr 23 - 27) focusing on Home and Decoration, while the third phase ( May 1 - 5) focusing on textiles, garments and fashion accessories.

Arregui is taking part in the second phase with a selection of easy-to-hide and high security home safes , secrets containers disguised as everyday household objects, decorative mailboxes and differents products designed to ensure safety at home.

Monday 22 April 2013

A simple way to care for the Earth.

Celebrated every April 22, Earth Day is the largest, most celebrated environmental event worldwide. From Arregui we suggest a daily simple gesture to care for the earth: recycling.

Among the variety of containers we have to help you on the daily task of recycling, we have just introduced the new STEP BIN, available with 2 or 3 compartiments. An easy way to organize all your recyclables. 

Simple things can make a big difference!

Monday 15 April 2013

Protect yourself when walking alone.

Walking alone, especially at night or on deserted areas , in parking garajes and underground structures are scary situation specially for women. Nowadays robberies and assault are almost daily news.

Fortunately, there are small hand-held electronic devices you can always carry to protect yourself when walking alone. A personal alarm reduces the risk of been attacked.

It is perfect self defense electronic device. When activated the alarm emits an ear piercing high decibeled sound that have the effect of distracting, disorienting, or surprising the assailant and gives you an opportunity for escape.

Investigations have shown that victims are usually too traumatized to shout for help in unfamiliar and dangerous situations, increasing their vulnerability.

Arregui offers you the following models:


120dB decibel alarm and is activated by pulling the cord.

Versatile device: it incorporates flashlight and a motion detector. Vertically positioning it on a surface and activating the sensor, the device activates the alarm if it detects any movement . Very useful for travel to keep out intruders in unprotected access accommodation.


120 decibel alarm and is activated by simply squeezing both sides.

 It is small enough to be concealed in the palm of your hand, pocket or purse and always have it available in case of an emergency. . It also incorporates a flashlight. 


130 decibel alarm and it is activated by pulling the cord and removing the pin. This personal alarm can be attached to a belt or clothing with the included belt clip Very useful for sports: jogging, walking .... Also includes a flashlight.

If you feel threatened or need emergency assistance, activate your personal alarm!

Thursday 21 March 2013

New Aura 2013- a stylish mailbox for the most contemporary housings.

Ferroforma Fair was the perfect appointment to introduce our latest new products.

Among the many new products that we will gradually introducing in this blog today we will highlight the new improved version of AURA mailbox.

The Aura collection has been enhanced in recent years by the most popular decorating magazines. Their designs fit the decoration of the most contemporary housings.

Keeping the most outstanding designs and including new solid colors the new Aura 2013 includes the following improvements:

- The flap includes lateral covers which prevent water entrance in an effective way.

- The door stops at 75º and includes a drawer in order to stock the mail. 

It incorporates 4 separating stops at the rear which ease the mailbox mounting. 

- The lock includes a new cam which eases the closing and opening of the door. 

Soon you'll have available in the New General Catalogue 2013