Thursday 21 March 2013

New Aura 2013- a stylish mailbox for the most contemporary housings.

Ferroforma Fair was the perfect appointment to introduce our latest new products.

Among the many new products that we will gradually introducing in this blog today we will highlight the new improved version of AURA mailbox.

The Aura collection has been enhanced in recent years by the most popular decorating magazines. Their designs fit the decoration of the most contemporary housings.

Keeping the most outstanding designs and including new solid colors the new Aura 2013 includes the following improvements:

- The flap includes lateral covers which prevent water entrance in an effective way.

- The door stops at 75º and includes a drawer in order to stock the mail. 

It incorporates 4 separating stops at the rear which ease the mailbox mounting. 

- The lock includes a new cam which eases the closing and opening of the door. 

Soon you'll have available in the New General Catalogue 2013


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