Thursday 18 July 2013

New Arregui fire safe

Our range of Arregui security safes includes from now on an additional reference of fire safe. The new RESIST safe.

RESIST safe has been designed and tested to withstand high temperatures and protect valuables and documents in case of fire. It has been certified according to the European standard EN15659 LFS 60P fire protection.

The safe construction with heat resistant material ensures resistance to fire. 96 mm-thick door and 51 mm-thick body are manufactured with two inter-welded walls that are filled with fire resistant concrete. The safe maintain an interior temperature below 170º during 60 minutes providing a good protection for documents. Paper decomposes from 177 º.

It features 2 moving locking bolts on the left side of the door and an additional fixed one on the right side keeping the door secure when locked. The safe is opened by entering a personal user code of between 4 and 8 digits then turning a knob clockwise.

RESIST is offered in 2 different sizes.

Both sizes feature a removable tray for documents. The largest size features an additional shelf.

The safes include fixing holes in the base. Due to its heavy weight it is advisable to place it on firm flooring.

Tuesday 2 July 2013

A stool to have all within your reach

Among the new products we've included in the new General Catalogue Arregui 2013 is remarkable the new collection of home stools.

There are many domestic uses that we can assign to a stool. They make easier the cleaning and home storage, help in DIY and gardening tasks and become indispensable to facilitate children to reach the sink or toilet.

If you have difficulty reaching items above your head never stand on a unstable chair. Arregui’s stool provides the security you need with a slip resistant surface, high stability and a resilience of up to 150kg.

They fold flat in one easy movement and can be stored in any corner without taking up space.

Available in 2 colors, gray and blue and 4 different heights stools can even be used as seats. 

They are lightweight and have a handle that allows transporting them comfortably: ideal for campers, fishermen, .... or even to entertain the waiting in queues for entry to museums, concerts, etc..