Monday 19 December 2011

Basa floor safe.

A few months ago we launched the new Basa security safe, specially designed to be hidden in unexpected places like furniture baseboards.

From now on, Basa has a new complement: a metallic box that lets you to install the safe built into the flloor.

The box has fixing holes in the four sides and in the base to allow fixing it to the Basa safe and to the floor.It has also a metallic cover that camouflages the safe protecting it and allowing it to be stepped on without being damaged. The box must be installed in such manner that the cover is level with the flloor. It can be hidden under a rug or piece of auxiliary furniture.

Basa safe intalled into the floor.

Basa safe hidden under the rug.

Basa security safe has an electronic motorised upward opening system. Two locking bolts secure the door when locked. The safe can be powered by a 9 volt battery externally in case the batteries run out and it is also supplied with an emergency key if any of the user codes are forgotten. Basa safe is offered in one size and it is perfect for storing folders along with small sized objects..

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Recycle with Arregui

Vario recycling bin.

Recycling is a commitment that everybody should undertake. Arregui encourages you to do do it with the new recycling bins for home: Vario and Basic.

Both models are available with 2 and 4 compartments and equipped with removable plastic buckets with handles to facilitate removal and cleaning.

With designs that can be integrated into the decor of your kitchen, these recycling bins will make you easier the collection of household waste.

Vario is offered in anthracite finished body and stainless steel front and it is ideal for placement between the furniture and kitchen appliances.

Vario recycling bin  

Basic model is offered in lacquered steel : white and grey.

Basic recycling bin.

Vario product data

Basic product data

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Download our videos!

From now on, in the section of “Downloads” together with the catalogue sheets, products data and operating instructions you will find our videos available for downloading.

The videos show the main features and using instructions of our security safes. An audiovisual media that quickly and easily offers the consumer a complete product information.

Feel free to download them!

Monday 26 September 2011

PlannerBox with full color images.

PlannerBox is the software that helps you to design a bank of Arregui mailboxes in easy steps.

From now on, you can also obtain a color image of the bank of mailboxes you design. A full color image that will make you easier the choice of the mailboxes that best suits your needs.

This update has been made both in the public version of PlannerBox as the professional version designed to our distributors.

Enter our website and get in PlannerBox.

Here some examples:

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Arregui in China International Hardware Show

China International Hardware Show begins today in Shanghai. It is Asia’s top trade fair for the hardware and DIY sectors. Arregui’s mailboxes, security and household goods will be exhibited in the fair until the 23th of September. We show you some pictures of the stand placed in Hall:E2 – Booth: A57+A59+A61

Arregui's security safes, ashtrays and recycling bins.

Arregui's mailboxes, security and household goods.

Wednesday 7 September 2011

BASA a new concept of security safe

BASA is the new security safe designed by Arregui to be hidden in unexpected places. Discover its features in the following video:

Monday 11 July 2011

GEO outdoor ashtray

Arregui is expanding its range of outdoor ashtrays with the GEO model .

Friday 1 July 2011

FRONT: Arregui's new mailbox.

Front is the new mailbox launched by Arregui. A vertical large-capacity mailbox that differs from Libro mailbox by having a frontal slot covered with a flap that always remains closed ensured by a spring. It offers a maximum confidentiality of the correspondence deposited inside.

Thursday 16 June 2011

Basque Living : Arregui’s next appointment

The second Basque Living International Event 2011, organized by HABIC Basque Country Habitat and Contract Cluster, will be held on June 20 and 21 at the Euskalduna Congress Center of Bilbao, where the main Basque companies of the habitat field will meet.

Arregui  will exhibit the new Arregui-Welcome Collection jointly with the rest of exhibitors in an original environment evoking the architectural transformation experienced by the city of Bilbao.

During the event the Basque companies will have different meetings with architects, interior designers and prescriptors from the United Kingdom in order to establish and strengthen business relationships.

In the same way, national architects, prescriptors, engineers and interior designers will take part in the event and learn about the new trends.

Friday 27 May 2011

Arregui is synonymous with design and innovation in Construmat (Barcelona, 16-21/05/2011)

Arregui has successfully introduced Welcome Furniture Collection in the 17th edition of Construmat and it has been selected as one of the main innovative products of the show.

Arregui Welcome Collection has had a great success within architechts, builders, interior designers and prescriptors that visited the show as they discovered new ways of placing bank of mailboxes in entrance halls.

Arregui Welcome Collection offers useful and cutting edge solutions by creating modern and comfortable atmospheres.

Thursday 5 May 2011

Arregui in Construmat 2011

Arregui exhibits Welcome Collection in The International Construction Exhibition that will be held in Fira Barcelona from the 16th to the 21th May.

A collection of furniture, mailboxes and signages designed to transform entrances and common spaces.

Visit us in Palace P1 – B Street – Booth 256

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Arregui exhibits in Canton Fair

On the 15th of April will held in Guangzhou, the 109th edition of Canton Fair, the largest Import and export trade fair in China.

Visit us in Pavilion 16.3 – Booth F30

Tuesday 15 March 2011

A new environment for our mailboxes: the new hospital La Fe in Valencia.

The new “Hospital Universitari i Politècnic la Fe” in Valencia (Spain) is the main health project in the Comunitat Valenciana over the last decades.

The building has had a budget of more than 383 million euros and is one of the top 50 public hospitals in Europe.

The new building has large areas for professionals, patients or visitors.

Interbuzón has managed to integrate Arregui´s Milenio mailboxes in this new environment.

Bank of Arregui’s Milenio mailboxes H4501
Bank of Arregui’s Milenio mailboxes H4501

Bank of Arregui’s Milenio mailboxes H4501
Bank of Arregui’s Milenio mailboxes H4501

 A perfect choice!

Thursday 10 March 2011

Arregui in Ferroforma 2011

Arregui exhibits in Ferroforma 2011, the international Hardware Fair that will be held in Bilbao Exhibitor Centre (BEC) from the 23th to the 26th March 2011 and where the most important companys of the ironmongery section meet.

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Arregui’s representative finalist at 5th Txema Elorza Awards

Antonio Cordero
It’s been a long time since we met Antonio Cordero, our representative in the Madrid area. He is a very qualified professional, but above all he is an excellent person. His sales skills are known for his humane and friendly relationships both with his clients and ourselves, his colleagues.

Thursday 10 February 2011

Arregui Welcome furniture, the solution for the entrance hall of properties

Property administrator journal
Every property administrator has always dreamt of offering to their property owners a holistic solution for the entrance hall.

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Required by law to install multi-dwelling mailboxes

According to the Spanish Law, it is mandatory to install multi-dwelling mailboxes in some places such as; housing developments, areas with scattered houses, shopping centers, warehouses and similar.

Arregui's multi-dwelling mailboxes

Thursday 3 February 2011

Arregui’s Aura Soul Pink mailbox at Tus Uñas

Arregui's Aura Soul Pink mailboxTus Uñas is a recently opened beauty salon in Valencia. They do not only offer the best beauty, manicure and pedicure treatments, but they also pamper the customers and take care of every detail.

Monday 31 January 2011

Milenio mailbox, built-in or wall mounted?

Arregui's Milenio mailbox stands out for its linearity and geometry. The minimalist design emphasizes the horizontal and vertical lines. Focused on the essentials and precision-finished, Milenio letter-box radiates the timeless beauty of a sculpture.

Thursday 27 January 2011

New Arregui’s General Catalogue 2011

Here you have Arregui’s General Catalogue 2011 which contains stock articles divided into 5 categories: outdoor individual mailboxes, safes, new decorative home and arrangement items, letter cages and notice boards.

The long-awaited new products are:
  • Safes to be hidden in closets: Basa, Intact and Activa models. 
  • Collections of decorative cash boxes, key cabinets and medicine cabinets: Red Ring or Speech. 
  • Key and document organizers: Quick and Tingo. 
  • Cash boxes that look like books and food containers: Book and Chef. 
  • Safe for vehicles: Carsafe. 
  • New letter-boxes with modern patterns: Premium Spark and Premium Blossom.

Here you can check them out and download the catalogue’s .pdf.

General Catalogue 2011 by Arregui

Thursday 20 January 2011

Arregui’s Kube mailboxes in the best block of flats

The architectural firm Enrique Arruti has designed a subsidized housing development that provides homes for 130 households in El Astillero. The Architects Association of Cantabria (Spain) has chosen this project as the best block of flats at the XIVth edition of Ortega Fernandez-Gonzalez Alloza Awards.

Among the commitments made by both the technical management as well as the construction company, has been building homes of high quality finishes, although the low budget typical of subsidized housing.

Another commitment has been to create common spaces to hold community gatherings comfortably. Common spaces have been reserved inside the building for the coexistence and the comfort of its residents. To encourage their use, they have been placed in strategic locations and they have been given a noble and attractive treatment.

With these premises, DUR distributions has done a magnificent installation of Arregui’s Kube wooden mailboxes. DUR distributions has achieved a seamless integration of mailboxes into the entrance halls, creating a common area full of style and warmth.

Kube mailboxes by Arregui
Kube mailboxes by Arregui
Kube mailboxes by ArreguiKube mailboxes by Arregui

Tuesday 18 January 2011

The Spanish law requires placing one mailbox for Postal Service every mailing address

The Spanish Law 43/2010, released on 30th December, rules the universal postal service, the rights of users and the postal industry.
In its article no. 24, the law sets out the conditions for mail distribution and delivery. According to this article, each mailing address must reserve one mailbox slot for mail return.
For further information, see Law 43/2010.