Tuesday 8 February 2011

Required by law to install multi-dwelling mailboxes

According to the Spanish Law, it is mandatory to install multi-dwelling mailboxes in some places such as; housing developments, areas with scattered houses, shopping centers, warehouses and similar.

Arregui's multi-dwelling mailboxes

The multi-dwelling mailboxes, also called BCP, are the solution to postal delivery problems in these places. But they also offer more advantages:

  1. The postman can deliver the mail easily; he opens the front door with central locking and he delivers the mail in a few seconds.
  2. Non desired advertisement is not delivered as only the postman can get into each compartment.
  3. More confidential; the name does not appear outside, only a number.
  4. More effective mail service with less lost mail.
  5. More secure; boxes don’t have any slot preventing vandalism.

Arregui offers several BCP models. All of them are recommended by Postal Service companies. Here we show you two examples of BCP mailboxes installed by Interbuzon in Valencia.

Arregui's multi-dwelling mailboxes

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