Tuesday 10 December 2013

Stylo by Arregui: a new stylish safe.

Giving a touch of color to our current range of safes , we introduce the new Arregui Stylo safe .

A home safe with a modern and attractive aesthetic combining 2 colors: a light blue for the front side , strongly linked to the feeling of peace and serenity ( Ral 5014) , and a dark blue for the body and door, associated with the seriousness and strength ( Ral 5013 ) , decisive qualities for security safes. 


Stylo safe has an electronic opening mechanism with knob and it can be used with 2 access codes. User is free to choose and set access code between 4 and 8 digits. Anti pick lock system prevents external attacks.

Double-bolted lock at 2 different heights ensure door completely secure.

Next to the keyboard and hidden under a plastic cover an emergency lock is available to use in case access code is forgotten or if the batteries run out.

Stylo model is offered in 2 different sizes and is suitable to be installed on a surface. They are prepared to be fastening from the rear and the base.