Monday 19 December 2011

Basa floor safe.

A few months ago we launched the new Basa security safe, specially designed to be hidden in unexpected places like furniture baseboards.

From now on, Basa has a new complement: a metallic box that lets you to install the safe built into the flloor.

The box has fixing holes in the four sides and in the base to allow fixing it to the Basa safe and to the floor.It has also a metallic cover that camouflages the safe protecting it and allowing it to be stepped on without being damaged. The box must be installed in such manner that the cover is level with the flloor. It can be hidden under a rug or piece of auxiliary furniture.

Basa safe intalled into the floor.

Basa safe hidden under the rug.

Basa security safe has an electronic motorised upward opening system. Two locking bolts secure the door when locked. The safe can be powered by a 9 volt battery externally in case the batteries run out and it is also supplied with an emergency key if any of the user codes are forgotten. Basa safe is offered in one size and it is perfect for storing folders along with small sized objects..