Thursday 17 October 2013

Maintenance tips for mailboxes

We recommend the following tips to prolong the life of mailboxes.

  • Place mailboxes, as far as possible, in places protected from direct sunlight and from possible adverse weather conditions.
  • Mailbox material must be adapted to the climate of each area. For coastal environments or high humidity areas, Arregui recommends the installation of mailboxes made entirely of aluminium, due to its high resistance to corrosion.
  • Regularly lubricate locks and hinges with a multipurpose lubricant spray. 
  • Clean the mailbox with a dry cloth and a cleaning product with no solvents. Depending on the material Arregui offers different cleaners to maintain mailboxes free of dirt and dust.

LIM001- Polishing cleaner for stainless steel mailboxes
LIM002 -  Polishing cleaner for mailboxes made of lacquered materials.


Thursday 3 October 2013

Safety & Surveillance mirrors by Arregui

Arregui introduces a new security device on its wide range of products: safety and surveillance mirrors.

A convex security mirror is an accessory that placed at strategic points helps to minimize accidents caused by poor visibility. Its reflective surface bulges outward and provides a larger overview of an area, providing more than 160º viewing angle.

Safety mirrors help to eliminate blind spots in driveways, increase visibility in parking and garages or around corners. Facilitate the movement of forklift trucks and industrial vehicles in factories, warehouses or large sales where the continuous traffic of people increases the likelihood of an incident.

Convex mirrors are also a good safety device for monitoring and surveillance purposes. Minimize the risk of robberies in shops, supermarkets. Also useful for controlling hospital corridors, schools, nurseries , sports centers...

Arregui offers 3 different sizes of mirrors made of different materials suitable for use indoors or outdoors. All models feature a ball joint to adjust the mirror to any direction and control any angle.
MIR001 convex mirror is suitable for indoor use and is available in a single measurement with a diameter of 45 cm.
Made of polycarbonate, a transparent material with high resistance to impact, almost unbreakable, has a framework of ABS painted in a striking orange. With excellent optical quality is suitable to solve problems of visibility and surveillance purposes in shops, supermarkets, parkings, etc.. This type of mirror are usually wall mounted but can be also fixed in a support. All mirrors are equipped with mounting hardware & brackets.

MIR002 and MIR003 are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with considerable diameters of 60 and 80 cms respectively.
Made of acrylic, a shatterproof and highly resistant material, have an orange framework of ABS with a sun visor on the top. The optical quality and dimensions of these mirrors make them suitable for road safety at crossroads and dangerous curves, garage exits, or urban spaces of reduced visibility. They can be fixed wall mounted or supported. Mounting hardware & brackets are also included.