Friday, 1 July 2011

FRONT: Arregui's new mailbox.

Front is the new mailbox launched by Arregui. A vertical large-capacity mailbox that differs from Libro mailbox by having a frontal slot covered with a flap that always remains closed ensured by a spring. It offers a maximum confidentiality of the correspondence deposited inside.
Front mailbox is stackable and its dimensions allow to place a large number of mailboxes in a confined space. They are made in groups of 3, 4 and 5 mailboxes with steel body and stainless steel and satin finished stainless steel doors. Mailboxes can be customized by laser engraving or engraving the individual card.

To add quality to the bank of mailboxes there are some accessories available in the same finish as the mailbox: frames, surrounds and supports. In addition, Arregui Welcome furniture collection includes three options for the placement of these mailboxes: tables, shelves or shelters made of stainless steel can be used as supports and combines perfectly with Front mailbox.

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