Tuesday 5 November 2013

Forma C – Arregui’s new certified safe

The new Forma C safe is the result of the evolution of our well-known Forma safe. Designed to be stronger, more reliable and harder to break in.

Equipped with additional security features and a new aesthetic new Form C has been Certified by Sold Secure Silver accreditation (prestigious british organization that tests home security products).

Its special anti drill shield maximizes protection of the contents against external attacks.

With this new serie, consisting of 4 different sizes, Arregui provides a solution to the current demands of safety, maintaining a great value.

Certified safes include security features that allow you to store valuables confidently.

-  Swivel bolts ( in order to make a cutting attempt difficult from the outside)

- Bolts guided by thick solid supports directly welded to the door. 
  Greater resistance and smooth sliding are guaranteed.

- Anti-drill special shielding in door and body.

-  Double opening system using personnel code and high security double-bitted key.

- Two reprogrammable access codes from 1 to 12 digits.

- Emergency opening in case you forget the code with double bitted emergency key. For security does not open directly. It also requires the user key.

- Five incorrect access codes iniciates automatic system block.

-   Insufficient charge warning and external power by 9V battery in case the batteries run out.

- Adjustable opening angle between 90 ° and 110 °, allowing maximum use of interior space.

For more information about our new certified safe, do not hesitate to contact us by emailing to arregui@arregui.es


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