Thursday, 13 June 2013

HABITAT: an improved mailbox for communities.

The HABITAT mailbox is one of the most distinguished community mailboxes pertaining to Arregui’s range.
Outstanding for the security offered by its anti-vandalism design with a strong door, Eurolock approved lock and extra long security ramp in the mailbox entrance, it is one of the most selected models for great magnitude projects. 

Within the search for continuous improvement, we have updated the Habitat mailbox by applying a technical improvement to its hinge system which will allow to group and align the mailboxes in a more efficient way.

As well, we have developed a new optional accessory: a ramp to ease the mail picking-up. Despite this new accessory is not reflected in the new catalogue, it will be available for anyone who requests it.

The HABITAT series is offered within 5 different sizes, some of them being perfect for mail big volumes and the realisation of different mailbox sizes combinations within a same group. 


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