Friday 8 June 2012

One of the most unexpected places to hide your safe.

Those who have already downloaded the new Arregui General Catalogue 2012 will have already discovered and surely have been surprised by the new easy-to-hide safe introduced in this edition: GRID security safe.

Arregui offers a clever alternative to deceive or mislead thieves. A small size security safe to be hidden behind a false ventilation grille. One of the most unexpected places to keep valuables protected. Any corner of our home may be suitable to place it.

The safe is specially designed to be installed built in wall and camouflaged as an air vent. 4 small notches helps to fit the grille in the front of the safe. The grille must be flush against the wall pretending to be bolted to it and avoid suspicion.

The safe is closed by dimple keys and has capacity for storing small valuables: jewelry, passports, credit cards, savings, .....

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