Wednesday 15 February 2012

How to Protect Your Valuables from theft

Due to the increase in burglaries in recent times it is necessary to protect our valuables. A security safe can be one of the best alternatives.

When you have to choose a safe, the first thing to consider is where it is going to be located. Camouflage is an essential to avoid easy detection by burglars.

Among the large variety of security safes available in Arregui we will mention those that are easy to hide.

Basa: ideal for hiding in furniture baseboards, wardrobes or as a floor safe under a carpet. Its ideal size means you can store folders and is also suitable for storing small items such as passports, driving license, credit cards, jewellery or even a small cash box.

Intact: A new security safe with a novel format that allows to be hidden in the false bottom of a wardrobe. After placing the shelves and clothes on them, it is impossible to discover where it is installed. Intact safes are perfect for storing A4 documents as well as small valuables.

Active: Ideal for hiding in closets with the same format that Intact safe. Ideal for storing documents and small valuables.

To keep our small valuables properly protected, we can also use secret containers. Although they seem to be household objects, their interiors hide a secret compartment where you can safeguard your money and small valuables.

Book: Disguised as a book , this safe can be placed surrounded by more books on the shelf in the living room and it goes unnoticed. Key lock safe.

Chef: Disguised as in a large can of Italian sauce this safe is ideal for placement in the kitchen pantry among the other food packaging. Also key lock safe.

Finally we propose the Secret Can: Camouflaged as authentic cans of beans, peas or tomato sauce, in its interior we can hide inside some money or small items. The opening and closing of the box is made by screw caps. In the pantry along with the other food packaging the safe can go undetected.


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