Thursday, 20 December 2012

Arregui's kitchen decorating ideas

Nowadays recycling is a very common task . A recycling bin can help us to maintain the order and aesthetics that we all like to keep in our home, forgetting cumbersome buckets or plastic bags .

And in addition, if these containers can decorate and add a touch of color or fun to our kitchen, there is no excuse to buy one.

Besides the models in stainless steel finishes, which add elegance in any environment, and the ones lacquered  in solid colors (white and grey) we have extended our range of recycling bins with the following funny and colorful finishes:

SPRING recycling bin: It can be spring every day with these green bamboos and cheerful ladybugs fluttering your kitchen .

RAIN recycling bin: A black and white combination watering your kitchen.

GREEN SOUL recycling bin: The lime colour to match the latest trending kitchens.

PINK SOUL recycling bin : And a touch of romance with the color pink. It can help us to see everything through rose coloured glasses


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