Thursday 18 October 2012

Multicoloured bank of mailboxes

When it comes to decorating more and more people choose to brighten up entrance halls inserting a note of colour in the bank of mailboxes. Acid colours combined with neutral colours or multicoloured combinations cheer up entrances.

With Arregui you can configure a bank of mailboxes in a wide range of colours. Here some examples that our clients have recently ordered.


  1. These are beautiful and can be used to store the business document. It would be great if we could customize these colours according to the business theme. As our company offers dissertation writing services and has a grey and white theme, we would like to change the color of the boxes to make them elegant.

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  3. These are lovely and can be utilized to store the business report. If we could modify these colors to fit the corporate theme, that would be fantastic. We would like to change the color of the boxes to make them more elegant. Your writing style and content have really impressed me. Please keep sharing more useful information.