Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Interesting news in the new 2014/2015 Arregui General Catalogue

Our new  2014-2015 General Catalogue is already available in our website with interesting news that we will be detailing in this section. Here goes a preview:

3 new ranges have been included in our Security section: a senior range with small devices for elderly autonomy and safety, padlocks and safety and vigilance mirrors.

We have extended our range of safes with the new Box-in safe,specially designed to be hidden in kitchen plinths.

We have introduced the new Premier and Stylo safe, and as an evolution of the successful Forma Safe we have launched  the new Certified Forma and Basic Forma.  Additionally we have included new accessories for safes: led lamp and pedestals.

Do not hesitate in asking for more information about our products!

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